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Belconnen ACT 2617. Ph: 02 6253 ... Basketball Australia online store (www. ... Official must be competent using the FIBA Scoresheet. ..... Referees and Scoretable Officials need
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My name is Rebecca Lacey and I'm the competition manager of the V JBL as I'm sure you are aware as of round one of the 2011 championship season the V JBL will be making the transition from the traditional landscape orientation scholarship to a V JBL modified version of the internationally recognized fever scholarship this change will occur for all age groups and all grades of the competition once you are familiar with the new format the process itself is simplified with the possibility of errors reduced this instructional DVD has been created to assist with the transition and provide direction on how to score using the new score sheet so without further ado let's get started often times you will find the game details are filled out prior to the game by the venue manager however during the five minute warm-up it is the scorers responsibility to ensure that the score sheet is filled out correctly I correctly filled out score sheet prior to the game commencing should look as follows game details complete at the top of the score sheet remembering team a is the home or first listed team on the schedule or player's numbers and names in the appropriate team box remembering a maximum of ten players can be listed and take the court in any one game a reminder as per the rules of operation eligible players can be added to the score sheet at any point in the game however once all names are listed the scorer shall draw a line through the remaining spaces coaches names and assistant coaches if relevant should also be listed in the space provided at the beginning of the game right before tipoff the score I shall draw a small X enclosed within a circle denoting the starting five for each team once this information is completed the game may commence to ensure the score sheet is clear and easily followed we recommend that the scorer uses two different colors of pen preferably blue and red or black and red using one color for the first and third quarters and one for the second and fourth quarters for games played in halves then a different color should be used for each half when a substitution is made and a player steps onto the court for the first time in the game the score art shall draw a small X not circled in the player in column this is to identify that the player has entered the game once they have entered the game once no further note needs to be made when a referee grants a timeout the timeout shall be recorded on the score sheet by entering the minutes of the playing time of the period or extra period in the appropriate boxes below the team's name for example if the game clock had wound down to 7 minutes and 45 seconds and the referee grants a timeout then the number 7 will be recorded in the box please note at senior and international levels this is recorded slightly differently however for V JBL purposes we will record the time as minutes remaining in the period it is important to remember that timeouts are an ideal time to double check the running...